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Opening Day Schedule - IN DETAIL!

By Big Willow, 04/21/19, 10:15AM CDT


All you need to know about Opening Day

Big Willow Opening Day Schedule 2019- Sponsored by

A-List Entertainment


11:30 Concession Stand/BBQ brought to you Lunds and Byerlys Opens

11:45 Teams gather on Field C - (Board Members in yellow shirts and Coaches available to direct your children)

12:15 Welcome—Teams parade onto Field B—Introduce Each Team and Coaches

12:30 National Anthem/Raffle Drawings

12:45 Opening Pitch 

1:00-4:00 Team Pictures (schedule posted on website) on Field A and some warmup for Pitch, Hit & Run

Pitch, Hit & Run on Fields B (warmup) and C (competition) registration on homepage of website - REGISTER HERE

1:30 - 2:15 Ages 11-12

2:00-2:45 Ages 9-10

2:30-3:15 Ages 7-8

3:00-3:45 Ages 4-6 (not eligible for MLB competition submission, just for some good old fashioned fun!)