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Baseball is Here!

By Big Willow, 04/27/18, 12:45PM CDT


Follow your team's calendar and sign up for concession shifts

We waited long enough, the snow ismelting, the fields are thawing, so get yourself prepared.

1) Schedules for teams are up.  Follow your team’s calendar so that it automatically fills your personal calendar.  Step by step guide is here:


2) DIBS! Every family must sign up for two shifts in the concession stand and three shifts if you have more than one player.  There are exemptions for Head Coaches but otherwise you need to sign up or buy your shifts out.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider one of your shifts for opening week (5/8+) as these usually are the most difficult for us to fill.  Plus, you’d be getting one of your shifts out of the way!  Step by step guide for signing up for DIBS Concession Shifts is also available in the link above.  Note that the first four weeks of the season are available now, more dates will become available later in the season.


3) Opening Day, sponsored by A-List Entertainment, starts at 12 pm but the festivities start at 11:30.  Check out the link on the homepage of our website for more details.  There is also a link to the photo ordering form on the homepage.  We recommend printing and filling out prior to coming to get it out of the way and enjoy Opening Day.