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Big Willow Team Skills Challenge

By Clarence Fields 05/07/2023, 6:00pm CDT

Mark your calendars!!

The Big Willow Baseball Association is thrilled to announce its upcoming team Skills Challenge event on Sunday, June 18th, from 3-6 PM. This exciting challenge is designed for our Juniors, Farm, and Majors teams to test their skills in a fun and competitive way. Teams in each league will showcase their abilities in various categories, such as throwing accuracy, base running speed, and fielding. The top four players from each group will compete in a home run derby. 

There will be a friendly competition among the teams to see who can accumulate the most points across all the different categories. Spectators can expect to see some thrilling moments as our Big Willow players compete against one another, showcasing their skills. 

In addition to the competition, there will be food, refreshments, and music, allowing teams and their families to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon at the ballpark. So mark your calendars, and come to the Big Willow Baseball Association Team Skills Challenge on Sunday, June 18th, from 3-6 PM to cheer on your favorite team and have an unforgettable afternoon.