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Events & Clinics

Please do not allow your child to attend any Big Willow events if they have any potential cold / flu / COVID symptoms, or have been exposed to someone exhibiting symptoms. 

Please see the Big Willow 2021 pre-season COVID guidelines here, noting also that masks will be required at all times for these indoor clinics.  If you would like to participate in the hitting drills, please bring your own bat and helmet (no shared equipment due to COVID safety guidelines). 

Due to social distancing best-practices, we ask that you drop your players off and don't hang around the gym during the practices. If you feel comfortable leaving and picking them up them at the outside door - even better, but you can escort them to and from the gym if you think that's best too.  

2021 Pre-Season Schedule


  • Farm & Majors only indoor Group practice, Monday 4/5, 6-9 pm, West Jr. High (Farm from 6:15 - 7:30pm, Majors from 7:45-9pm)
  • Tourney team practice, Tuesday 4/6, 6-9 pm, West Jr. High
  • Tourney team practice, Thursday, 4/8, 6-9 pm, West Jr. High
  • Farm & Majors only indoor Group practice, Monday 4/12, 6-9 pm, West Jr. High (Farm from 6:15 - 7:30pm, Majors from 7:45-9pm)
  • Tourney team practice, Tuesday 4/13, 6-9 pm, West Jr. High
  • Tourney team practice, Thursday, 4/15, 6-9 pm, West Jr. High


  • OPENING DAY Celebration, Saturday 5/1, Noon-3:30 pm (exact times by age / team TBD), Big Willow

Location Details

North Jr. High - 10700 Cedar Lake Rd
West Jr. High - 3830 Baker Rd

Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 MN-7, Hopkins, MN.

Braemar Field Dome - 7509 Ikola Way, Edina, MN 55439
Big Willow Baseball Fields - 11522 Minnetonka Blvd


* Player evaluations will be done via a sign-up dibs process. Expect an email from Big Willow with more information closer to the evaluation date. Players will be evaluated for house ball Farm (~ages 9-10) and Majors (~ages 11-12) divisions and also for Big Willow's weekend tournament teams that travel to nearby communities to compete in 3-4 weekend tournaments each summer.

What gear do I need to buy my child for the baseball season?

Below is a required/recommended list of items at each level of Big Willow.  

Big Willow will provide each player with a baseball hat and jersey for their team.


All players, at all levels, must have their own glove.

For the 2021 pre-season events, in addition to regular baseball equipment (bag, glove, bat, helmet, etc.), parents to provide their kids with a cloth facemask and an individual water bottle (clearly labeled). A small personal bottle of hand sanitizer is also recommended.


*Baseball pants or sweatpants required (coaches of each team may make recommendations on color for a uniform look, but it is not required you purchase that color).  There is sliding in sand in baseball, so shorts are not appropriate attire.  If you do buy pants, we recommend buying two pair as sliding and general baseball play create holes!

*Protective athletic cups are required at Juniors, Farms and Majors to avoid injury.


* Baseball pants specifically are not required, but sweatpants or other athletic pants ARENo shorts on the field.



* While not required, many kids have their own bat.  At these ages, height and strength disparity is greater so while the team will have a few bats to share, it is recommended your child bring their own bat.

* Cleats are highly recommended as they help with traction in the field and running the bases. Tennis shoes are required for indoor practices and clinics. A child cannot participate with open-toed shoes of any kind.

* A personal baseball helmet is also recommended but not required.  We have a few helmets for each team that can be shared.  Many parents opt to get their child a helmet of their own for sizing and health purposes.

* If you don't have a water bottle, it is recommended that you get your child one and WRITE THEIR NAME ON IT!


* All of the above for Farms/Majors with the following adjustments

* A protective cup is recommended but not required at Mites level

* For Juniors and Mites many people choose to have their own bats, however there are usually some in the team bag to share if you want.  

* For Juniors, cleats are recommended for outdoor practices and games to help with running as well.  For Mites it is not necessary but up to the parents if they would like that extra traction.

* For helmets, same as above, discretion of parent.