Hello Team! My name is Joe Anderson and I will be the head coach for our summer season. Tyler Bosch and Dane Odden will also be helping coach the team. If anyone else would like to help out let me know as there may be a few other roles we could use assistance with. Tomorrow is our first game (5:30pm Field C), please arrive at least 30 minutes early so we can do a quick introduction, hand out player jerseys, go over rules, and get a little warm up in. For all future games we have access to the batting cage at the assigned field 1 hour prior to the game to get warmed up and get a little practice in. Being that most of our games are at 5:30, I am not sure I can get there a full hour early (I'll try), but feel free to use the cages with another coach or adult to get loose. I'll go over the rules with the players tomorrow, but there is one I would like all parents to talk to their player before hand. We are using a pitching machine and there is a strict 5 pitch count (no exceptions